Integrated Leadership by Design


Transformational Coaching & Experiences for Leaders


The world needs you.

Remember who you were before the world told you being you wasn’t okay?

We remind people of who they are at the core and what is possible in their lives and leadership when they are living on purpose. The world and business needs conscious, awake leaders who are connected to their joy. Why? Because people who live according to their values and their joy inspire others to do the same.

We help organizations be better and work better.

We help teams build connection to deliver results.

We help leaders elevate their impact and fulfillment.

We help people connect to their joy and explore who they are becoming.


Live your Truth, Awaken your Purpose, Discover Inner Wisdom.


Core Offerings

We have a number of offerings and packages for your coaching and consulting needs. We are here to develop leaders and teams through experiential workshops, coaching and training.  The pace of change and complexity in organizations and our world is unprecedented and we develop leaders to meet the challenge.



Corporate Executive Coaching

Executive coaching packages include use of the Leadership Circle Profile to identify creative and reactive tendencies, a clear roadmap with an action plan and articulated goals, monthly coaching and a 360 to complete the engagement and celebrate successes.


private Immersions

Immersions are available for individual and corporate clients ready to take a big leap forward in their personal and professional development.  Immersions are custom designed to the individual and take place in and around the Bay Area.


Workshop Facilitation

Organizations and teams need workshops on a variety of topics and we partner to create a design that fits to your group.  We create and deliver workshops on topics such as compelling leadership, team effectiveness, leveling up inside an organization, influence and more. Reach out to schedule time to talk about your workshop needs.


Retainers with Organizations

Organizations may want to partner in more meaningful way over a longer time frame.  Retainers exist so that we can collaborate on all relevant activities inside an organization from coaching to off-sites to consulting without having to track each as a separate engagement.

Clients have included



about amy 

A holistic background

“My clients describe me as powerful, engaging, creative, wise and warm. I bring playfulness and a strong intuition in service of my clients. I operate from the belief that we can do the deep work and have fun at the same time.  Learn more about my philosophy, background and training to get a sense of my approach.”

“It is incumbent upon every individual to believe that, with the next breath, in the next instant, one can be a new person.”

– Jewish sage and mystic, Reb Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev