September 26-29, 2019


Are you ready to step Beyond?

Beyond recognition and acknowledgement.

Beyond holding yourself to an impossible standard.

Beyond measuring your worth by anything other than showing up and being here.  

It is time to Step Beyond.

As women leaders we hold incredible amounts of space for so much-- for our worlds inside and outside the home.  We enter each day-- ready to focus on what really matters and yet there is such a strong pull to get things done and achieve. In the midst of it, we consistently create serious burn out.


Beyond is for women who are

 Longing to remember the richness in slowing down and tuning in.

Accessing the gifts available to you when you receive with no need to be or do anything--surrendering to self-love.

Ready to step back into your most vibrant self, alive with empowerment.


Your first step is waiting.


The Experience


Step forward to your divine self through this retreat designed to nurture your mind, body and spirit.


  • Delight in the Senses: Sink into bliss with hands-on massage, locally sourced and organic food, Tibetan sound bowl healing and authentic tea ceremonies.


  • Daily Ritual: Throughout the experience, you will reconnect to the present moment through your emotional, physical and psychological health-- reconnecting you to the sacred spaces within that can get lost in the everyday shuffle.  


  • Embrace the Sacred Feminine: Awakening to the limitless life force within, making a direct connection to your potent and powerful femininity.


  • Nature’s Gifts: Recognizing and appreciating nature immediately connects and attunes you to the energies that surround the skies in this season. Your heart will be full with gratitude.


  • Women Supporting Women: A safe space to grow unconditionally loving female connections rich with respect and support.


  • Coaching sessions and facilitation from a master coach who has been teaching, leading and engaging with individuals and executives for over 25 years.


A beautiful home located on a hill above Encinitas. We will be sharing a home to strengthen the bond as we participate in this deep work together. Shared and private rooms available.

Are you ready to learn more about Beyond?

Please set up a complimentary 20 minute coaching session to learn more about Beyond and how it can serve you at this point in your life and career.



Traveling FROM San Francisco

Please make a flight into San Diego International Airport and it is a 40 minute uber ride to the house. Please note it is Southern California and traffic does apply!