Integrated Leadership for the Modern Age

Coach | Facilitator | Designer of Experiences | Guide | Healer | Teacher

I help leaders and organizations get clear on their deepest needs and areas of growth, and create experiences that help them get what they want. I teach leadership from the heart.

I bring playfulness, power, warmth, depth and a strong intuition in service of my clients. I operate from the belief that we can do the deep work and have fun at the same time.

  • I help organizations be better and work better.

  • I help teams build connection to deliver results.

  • I help leaders elevate their impact and fulfillment.

  • I help people connect to their joy and explore who they are becoming.

I work with organizations across disciplines and 1:1 with executives and CEOs. Clients have included Airbnb, Cisco, eBay, Stubhub, PIMCO, Capital One, Toyota and Alpine Investors.

Learn more about my full background, origin story, certifications & trainings, and more below. Please reach out if you have any questions!



Amy's coaching style allows for open and honest reflection and at the same time she challenged and pushed me to create the best version of myself and my leadership. I would highly recommend Amy if you are looking to improve yourself, your leadership or your team's performance.

– Kumud Kokal, IT Executive


Who I work With

Visionaries in the Technology Age

I am fascinated by the pace of technology and what is required of our leaders in this space. Tech leaders must manage the increased complexity and chaos and at the same time find their compelling purpose and vision to ground them within the change.  I feel called to support these leaders in finding what is fulfilling, purposeful and REAL. Mindfulness in their own leadership is key to not being swept away by the latest trend.

Leaders are busy creating connection, purpose and vision for others and I like to create a sacred space for them to explore that in themselves. Connected, purposeful leaders become much more than leaders, they become visionaries and examples for those they serve.

Are you a visionary leader ready to bring your fullest potential to the world?



What do I help my clients do?

  • I help people shed what is not longer working and step into a more true reflection of their purpose in the world.

  • I help them identify their creative leadership and reactive tendencies to move toward a more integrated state of leadership.

  • I give permission for clients to live their most authentic lives.

  • I help people take the BIG leap. You know that thing you want but have been to afraid to claim.

  • I help people own their impact and align with their purpose.

  • I help them design the life and leadership that they want.



Professional Bio

Amy is an executive coach, experienced facilitator, leadership consultant and lover of all things related to human consciousness.  Amy’s expertise in leadership development is hands-on, having worked in both large and small corporations leading and managing teams, consulting to senior level executives, and training and designing programs for leaders across the globe. She has worked in the financial services, e-commerce, technology, digital-media and executive search industries.  A partial list of Amy’s clients include leaders and teams from Airbnb, Cisco, eBay, Stubhub, PIMCO, Capital One, Toyota and Alpine Investors.

Prior to becoming a full time executive coach, Amy was the Head of Human Resources for Morgan Samuels, a boutique executive search firm. She previously held Organizational Development and Learning and Development roles at PIMCO and Capital One.  In the early stages of her career, she held various first and second-tier leadership roles which taught her how to navigate the complexity of individual needs, team dynamics and business outcomes.

Training and Certificates

Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

Certified Co Active Coach, CPCC

CTI Faculty for Organizations & Businesses

CTI Faculty for New Coach Training

Co Active Leadership Program Graduate

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner

The Leadership Circle Profile Practitioner

Reiki Level One Certified

Masters Degree in Organizational Development, Fielding Graduate University

(Thesis: EQ and its role in leaders managing through change)

Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Southern Methodist University



my origin story

How did I come to doing this work?


I was born into a family with roots in science, literature, language and food. I found a passion early on when I discovered my love of working with others and my fascination with the human spirit. I spent much of my childhood feeling “too much” for this world and I felt my big emotions might take over.  I was so curious to understand if others had this rich internal world and if at times it felt heavy to manage. I was inspired by learning, friendship, new cultures, new experiences and of course what it means to be human in this world. I spent my 20s conquering every goal I had for myself from climbing the corporate ladder, finishing my masters program, climbing Mt. Rainier and finishing my yoga teacher training.  At times it was fulfilling but it also felt heavy and lot of shoulds and judgments, mostly from myself. My late 20s and early 30s helped me realize that my quest to conquer had left me exhausted and curious as to who I was without all my doing. That is when my journey quickly turned inward. That inner exploration led me to reconnect with my lightness and my natural state of finding ease and delight. I found the deep love I have for myself, I fell in love and got married, gave birth to my three boys and spent time activating the feminine energy in myself that had been longing for expression. I found WAY more time for laughter, joy and silliness. My 40s have been the blend of both, a space for doing and being. A place to live my work in the world while staying grounded to my purpose, my joy and my bright center.


With gratitude,

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“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”

– Rumi