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We have a number of offerings and packages for your coaching and consulting needs. We are here to develop leaders and teams through experiential workshops, coaching and training.  The pace of change and complexity in organizations and our world is unprecedented and we develop leaders to meet the challenge.


corporate executive coaching

specifically designed for corporate c-level executives

Executive coaching packages include use of the Leadership Circle Profile to identify creative and reactive tendencies, a clear roadmap with an action plan and articulated goals, monthly coaching and a 360 to complete the engagement and celebrate successes.

In the Field: Technology companies in the Bay have hired us this year to coach top executives to refine their leadership skills and take them to an even higher level of performance.  A successful financial services firm hired us to coach members of their partner team and the CEO. The main focus was uncovering creative leadership traits and reactive tendencies to impact individual and group performance. A recent entrepreneur we coached had this to say, “Amy is the best executive coach I know, so I sought her out when I found myself at a place in life ready to break through some professional and personal barriers. I like to divide my life and career into two segments: Before Amy and After Amy. The difference between these two periods is stark. Today I am more energized, fulfilled, and financially blessed than I ever thought was possible.”


retainers within organizations 

high-touch consulting and coaching with organizations

Organizations may want to partner in more meaningful way over a longer time frame.  Retainers exist so that we can collaborate on all relevant activities inside an organization from coaching to off-sites to consulting without having to track each as a separate engagement.

In the Field: An organization in San Francisco retained us to consult on the development of an internal coaching program, train the internal team on the concept, create a training workshop for the firm on the coaching skills and then coach several executives within the company.


private 1-day immersions

deep dive sessions for reset and re-design

Immersions are available for individual and corporate clients ready to take a big leap forward in their personal and professional development.  Immersions are custom designed to the individual and take place in and around the Bay Area.

In the Field: Recent immersions have included business planning for entrepreneurs, navigating life and work transitions for business leaders and creative brainstorming for individuals.


WOrkshop facilitation

from team trainings to group workshops

Organizations and teams need workshops on a variety of topics and we partner to create a design that fits to your group.  We create and deliver workshops on topics such as compelling leadership, team effectiveness, leveling up inside an organization, influence and more.  Reach out to schedule time to talk about your workshop needs.

In the Field: Recent workshops delivered in and around the Bay Area for technology firms and CEO groups have included coaching as a leadership skill, team effectiveness and purpose and values identification. “Amy’s leadership training program has had a positive impact across my team. The powerful first day workshop, the regular follow up sessions, and the targeted coaching have created a massive shift in the way my team communicates and cooperates. The team shows up to everyday interactions using program skills and testing the limits of their emotional intelligence. What they’ve learned is changing them all into better leaders, better managers, better people, and setting them up for success in growing and nurturing our teams’ next generation.” Morgan Teachworth, Senior Director, Cisco Meraki


offsites & retreats

Offsites and 3-4 day retreats in exceptional locations

Is your team ready to go off-site and take their effectiveness to the next level? Are you planning an off-site soon but you aren’t sure how to design it and make it worth the time and money? We can help you create an offsite that exceeds the needs of the group and has you ready to get back to the office to tackle what is next.

In the Field:  Recent off-sites have included teams from Stubhub, Cisco and eBay.  Topics have ranged from team mastery to emotional intelligence. Oliver Marie, Global Controller of Stubhub, had this to say about the work, “Amy is a bold and present facilitator, very personable, able to very quickly establish a critically needed trusting environment, and ultimately were able to get to the heart of our issues by using experiential learning techniques that transformed my group….and we had fun while doing it!  One day with Amy and your team is guaranteed more learning than a whole year!”

Destination retreats are held throughout the year and are by invitation only.  They are specifically designed to bring a small group of individuals together to examine big dreams and create big action to bring those to fruition.  Visit our retreat page to see what is happening soon.



from leadership development to wellness

Bring us in to speak at off-sites, workshops or retreats on several topics related to team effectiveness, leadership, emotional intelligence, women in the workplace and beyond.

Special Offering

Spot Coaching for Leaders

critical boosts for critical times

Tech is moving so quickly, and there are micro-moments that can change the trajectory of a leader.  Spot coaching helps weave awareness into the mico-moments to meet you where you are and when it counts.

Special Offering


Uninterrupted flow to go deep

In the hectic pace of our everyday lives and work  immersions can create the spaciousness to see the meta view of who we are becoming and what we are creating in the world.  Immersions allow for the time to go deeper in an uninterrupted setting. Immersions are usually held in and around the Bay Area and are 1-2 days.

An immersion might be an option for you if you want to accelerate your growth and transformation, if you have a transition on the horizon or if you are business leader who could benefit from time and space to plan what is next.


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